Parquet Versailles Ancien

Fabrication & Qualité Made in Roumanie. Nous sommes implantés en Roumanie région de Transylvanie.

Parquet Versailles Ancien, Bistrita, Roumanie

Parquet Versailles Ancien, Bistrita, Roumanie


RO 420005 Bistrita-Nasaud, Unirea, Agronomului 35

Téléphone: +0040 (0)744 60 50 62


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Compagnie de Phalsbourg, France

"All the outside persons who come for the first time home says all that it is very beautiful and that the parquet is great attractive. We made one skates very clear above, what makes that that makes us a mixture of tradition and modern. My boss is very satisfied with the realization. We shall send you photos at about April: a professional photographer comes at this moment there to make a plaque of offices."

Dominique NOURY / Chargé de travaux

Casa Rocca Piccola, Malta

"I purchased two different types of oak parquet from this company and they have always been professional and reliable. They are a pleasure to deal with and because they make flooring in the traditional way you get an elegant and long lasting product that is admired by everyone who walks on it."

Clement de Piro, Casa Rocca Piccola, Valletta, MALTA. Casa Rocca Piccola , is a 16th-century palace in Malta, and home of the noble de Piro family. It is situated in Valletta, the capital city of Malta.